3 Common Health Complaints & 3 Remedies You Already Have


I’m an enormous fan of folks cures. Passing down household cures from one era to a different was how the vast majority of medical information was transferred before the times of hospitals, automobiles and the Internet. Folk cures are useful to take a look at because in the event that they weren’t efficient, then they wouldn’t make the minimize and get handed down. I’m also an enormous fan of folks cures as a result of often, they involve a trip to the kitchen over a visit to the doctor’s workplace.



Here are three straightforward, residence cures you possibly can make use of to help nip a chilly within the bud, ease your premenstrual cramps, and relieve you of that hangover nausea.


Remedy #1 – Scallions and Your Cold

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes when you’ve gotten a “cold,” the attacking pathogen is actually caught within the outer layers of your physique. This is why all the signs you are feeling are additionally on the outer areas of your physique – your runny nose, your achy neck, your cough and sore throat are all occurring externally versus deep inside you. In order to launch the pathogens from your body, TCM must open up your pores and let the evil out! To do that we use various diaphoretic, or sweat-inducing, herbs and food merchandise.


An straightforward fix as quickly as you are feeling the signs of a cold coming on is to collect two stalks of scallions and some scorching water. Cut the green end of the scallions up into small items (an 1/8th of an inch lengthy) and put them within the bottom of a bowl. Pour in two cups of piping scorching water and let the combination steep for 10 minutes.


Drink this combination down, wrap yourself up in a heat blanket, and escape the final season of Desperate Housewives on Netflix – you’ve now taken step one in the direction of thwarting that pesky bug.


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Remedy #2 – A Spoonful of Cinnamon Makes the Cramps Go Away

Although I’ve never experienced the joyful bodily results of PMS personally, I’ve successfully treated hundreds of woman with PMS symptoms via acupuncture and herbs. TCM views the cramping and ache brought on by premenstrual rigidity to be due primarily to an assault of “coldness” on the uterus.


We have to offer the traditional healers somewhat little bit of leeway here, as they didn’t have the same imaging gear and hormonal testing that we do now. All they needed to know, nevertheless, was that making use of warmth to the decrease abdomen of a lady in ache was far simpler than applying an ice pack. Seeing my vital different doubled over on the couch with a scorching water bottle and a blanket each 28 days is all the confirmation I want.


PMS, cramps, pre-menstrual, menstrual, cinnamon


An straightforward residence remedy for the cramping and pain of PMS is a spoonful of cinnamon added to scorching water, scorching milk, or scorching almond milk. The warming impact of cinnamon is claimed to enter into the meridians of our body relieve the chilly that’s trapped within them.



Add a spoonful to your heat morning beverage subsequent time you’re feeling the monthly pressure.


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Remedy #3 – Ginger for Nausea

Some good occasions with no hangover might appear to be Christmas timber with out presents beneath them – something’s amiss! When you get up after the large get together and try to type out precisely what was stated to whom, worry not concerning the upcoming wave of queasiness and nausea that’s certainly on its approach. Cutting up a bit of recent ginger, no greater than your thumbnail, and adding that right into a cup of steaming scorching water will help immensely in protecting your breakfast the place it belongs.


ginger, nausea, motion sickness, hangover, drinking remedy


Ginger is a implausible remedy for a variety of illnesses, starting from the prevention of food poisoning for its antiparasitic results (ever marvel why it typically accompanies items of uncooked seafood?) to clearing up a phlegmy cough in youngsters. Its harmonizing results on the stomach have long made it a favorite of pregnant ladies and the hung-over males who obtained them there.


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Give any of the above three house cures a attempt subsequent time something ails you and see for yourself why they’ve survived the check of time.

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