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Body constructing exercise at fitness center for making massive strong robust chest with good proper method. Guide or tips for Dumbbell Fly / Flyes with chest Training Mistakes. How to do Chest Fly/Flyes OR Flat Bench Chest / Dumbbell Fly/Flyes, exercise for chest line and for creating chest muscle shape at house or health club for women and men in Hindi, India

ghar pe Chest ya chhati banane badhane ke exercise kasrat varjish tips tarika tarike ya guide, chest or chhati kaise badhaye banaye kya kare

Also Known As: Chest Fly/Flyes OR Flat Bench Chest / Dumbbell Fly/Flyes

Targeted Muscle: Chest (Pectoralis Major, Sternal)
Other Muscle(s): Shoulders (Deltoid, Anterior), Biceps (Biceps Brachii, Short Head)

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