Nutrition Tips to Optimize Your SUP Performance with Carter Graves

Photos and Interview by Rebecca Parsons 

If you're what you eat, then behind every good athlete is a nutritious and meticulously-planned food regimen. Because whereas training is essential for a successful race performance, athletes gained’t carry out at their optimal degree with out putting the suitable food into their bodies.

"Healthy eating is one of the most important things that guides my life," says susceptible paddling celebrity and rising SUP star Carter Graves. "This is because what you put in your body is the fuel that it runs off of. I truly believe that you are what you eat."

In half three of our SUP training series with Graves, she shares the food regimen she sticks to, meals she likes to keep away from and what she eats earlier than, during and after her workouts. -RP


I tend to stick to an entire food, paleo-style eating regimen. I do not like to put labels on diets as I consider every individual thrives on a person foundation, however for me this low-carb food plan works greatest. I eat an unlimited quantity of greens and a large amount of protein sometimes from sources like eggs and meat. I also attempt to eat a variety of healthy fats which embrace nuts, avocados and coconut. Also attempt to add quite a lot of colours to any meal as each has distinctive healthy nutrients.  

Greens are your pal.

Foods to Avoid

Sugar is the large one! There is hidden sugar in every little thing -- even in belongings you assume are "healthy" like salad dressings and sauces. Always take the time to take a look at the nutrition information on labels to keep away from hidden sugar. Also attempt to avoid all oils besides coconut, avocado and olive oil. Finally, keep away from any sort of straightforward carbohydrate like breads and grains.  

When to Eat

I have a tendency to eat three or four giant meals throughout the day which are primarily composed of greens, healthy fat (avocado, coconut, nuts, seeds), and proteins (hen, eggs, fish). After a power training session or larger intensity exercise, I’ll additionally embrace complicated carbs akin to quinoa or sweet potato. Try to avoid snacking too incessantly, however incorporate healthy options resembling vegetables, nuts and fruit.    

Pre-Workout Nutrition

Many mornings I truly do not eat breakfast earlier than training. I’m an enormous believer of fasted cardio within the morning, the place I practice at a low depth on an empty stomach. This shouldn't be for everyone, but has helped me, particularly in my endurance training. But after my fasted training session I ensure that to eat a high protein meal.  

Workout Fuel

If a exercise is more than an hour and a half to two hours, I usually convey nutrition with me. I've moved away from processed supplements and have tried to practice my body adapt to real meals similar to fruits, seeds or nuts. Immediately after the workout, I either have a high-protein meal or a protein shake. It’s additionally essential to attempt to eat inside thirty minutes of finishing a workout, as that is necessary for muscle recovery.

Race Day Nutrition

The days surrounding a race is the time once I start to incorporate more carbs again into my weight loss plan. Especially the night time after a race, I'll load up on "good" carbs including sweet potatoes or quinoa, while also making sure I get a large amount of protein-usually from a meat source. The morning before the race, my "go-to" meal is scrambled eggs and sprouted grains bread with almond butter on prime. I additionally like a nice cup of black coffee.


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