Summertime fitness tips from Lima-area professionals

LIMA — When trying to lose weight and keep the New Year’s resolution objective, the summer season is a superb season to get whipped into form, in line with Alexa Miller, Lima Anytime Fitness manager and private trainer.

One of varied ways to lose or keep weight in the course of the summer time is thru the steerage of a fitness coordinator.


Mercy Health-St. Rita’s Medical Center

Abe Frieson, Mercy Health- St. Rita’s fitness coordinator and American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Physiologist, works each day with staff in the fitness middle and bariatric patients within the weight management middle to help guide them by way of exercises and creating work out plans.

Through an initial consultation appointments he is able to consider which exercise routines can be probably the most applicable for the workers and patients.

From there, he and the patients work on useful fitness power for on a regular basis dwelling and implementing workout routines that enhance stability.

“The biggest thing is picking out appropriate exercises,” Frieson stated. “A lot of times they have physical limitations and cannot do the exercises like someone like myself could.”

For those trying to lose or keep weight in the course of the summer time, he stated staying hydrated is important.

“When you sweat, you lose electrolytes, and it’s important to make sure your electrolytes are not depleted,” Frieson stated. “So I would suggest having an after-workout snack.”

When understanding outdoors, he suggests applying solar display not only on the pores and skin but in addition on the eyelids, because the eyes may be damaged as nicely.

He additionally warns that when understanding outdoors, you need to restrict your exercise due to the heat. He means that those who choose to work out outdoors ought to try to exercise within the morning or in the night to keep away from the recent temperatures.

For those that take pleasure in understanding indoors, he approves of both understanding at residence in addition to at a fitness middle or health club.

“I recommend whatever motivates you and gets you going,” Frieson stated. “A lot of people are motivated when working out at home, and others feel like they need a more conducive environment for working out.”

Whether understanding indoors or outside, he recommend implementing cardio and resistance training into the exercise routine to effectively keep and lose weight.

“People think to lose weight it’s all about the cardio, but strength training is important as well,” he stated. “Strength training burns a lot of calories, and it helps develop more muscle. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns.”

Although his focus is on physical fitness, he encourages his patients and staff to take care of a healthy weight-reduction plan as nicely.

“When going for weight loss, it’s half making sure your nutrition is in line and half exercising,” he stated. “Doing one without the other is not as successful or effective.”

Thin and Healthy’s Total Solution

As the private coach and fitness director at the 24-hour fitness middle’s location at 709 N Cable Rd., Lima, Jason Carmack stated the objective is to give attention to assembly the members where they're and finding the most effective exercise routine for them based mostly off of their bodily limitations.

What units their fitness middle apart from others is that additionally give attention to underlying points like stress hormones, in response to Carmack. The higher the hormone production, the extra fats the body will burn.

“You have to make sure that there is a fertile environment for you to burn calories,” Carmack stated. “A plant is not going to grow if it does not have the nutrients and the right conditions to grow. The same is true for your muscles and calories. We are changing the hormones and changing the environment.”

Through exercise routines like the 20/30 program members are capable of handle the stress hormones and lose about 20 kilos in 30 days.

He and his shoppers additionally work on actual life actions the mimic activities that folks do throughout the day.

“It minimizes the time that you have to spend because you don’t have to do a whole list of exercises,” he stated. “The benefit is that if you’re struggling to do things like play with the grandkids, we do similar exercises to improve their strength so that you can do those activities.”

As far as dropping weight through the summer time, he suggests partaking in outside actions like walking, driving a motorcycle and swimming.

“You want to do things that will use your whole body as much as possible,” he stated. “Swimming is great because you’re using legs, upper body, core and your arms.”

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness, 2119 Elida Road, Lima, is a 24-hour training fitness center targeted on meeting its members where they are and addressing their limitations to allow them to successfully lose or keep their weight, Miller stated.

“We understand that everyone is different, and there is not one nutritional plan that fits all,” Miller stated.

When members first enroll, they receive a fitness consultation where the restrictions, preferences and dislikes are discussed to ensure the exercise routines are individualized and tailor-made to them.

The fitness center provides group training six days every week with hourly training throughout the day led by a licensed trainer.

“It’s not a class, and you don’t need to know choreography,” Miller stated. “The trainer will make sure that you use the proper weights and not injure yourself.”

Stryko boxing can also be provided two occasions every week led by knowledgeable boxer in lima, which supplies members with a extra impactful, stress-relieving workout.

There can also be one-on-one training as well as a brand new virtual training. Members who both can't afford to pay for a customized trainer or can't meet for designated days can access a digital coach by way of the Anytime Fitness app.

Through the app, members are sent two workouts, together with how-to videos, every week, and once they complete the exercise it notifies the coach, who can them talk about the progress with the member. Also by means of the app, members can text the coach if questions come up.

“It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket,” Miller stated. “You just don’t get to train with them live.”

The health club additionally presents training for sports groups and outsource training, which is service that's cellular and trains people out of their residence or at a enterprise facility.

“We try to be the one-stop shop for training, and that is why we make sure to really focus on the individual needs of our members,” she stated.

As far as maintaining and dropping weight, Miller additionally recommend collaborating in outside activities with household, corresponding to operating in five-kilometer races s or happening a hike.

“Summertime is a great time to go outdoors and do some fun activities,” Miller stated. “Going to the gym can be a little monotonous, so it’s great to get the family involved.”

She does, nevertheless, warn that individuals who select to workout outdoor shouldn't freeze their memberships, however simply work out within the health club once they can.

“People really do need the help and especially during the summer time,” Miller stated. “You don’t want to let all the hard work and New Year’s resolution slip up during the summer time. Make sure to stay plugged in and get the help if you need, as it will help you maintain or lose weight during the summer.”


Lima Memorial Health System

As the hospital’s registered dietitian nutritionist and cafe retail supervisor, Robin Fortkamp not solely helps patients with their dietary needs but in addition helps direct clients in the cafeteria in the direction of the perfect wellness decisions.

When trying to lose weight, one in every of her suggestion is hold a food log or diary.

“This is important because you can evaluate where you are cheating and overindulging,” Fortkamp stated. “There may be a specific time or place in our routine where you are making bad eating habits, and this will help you work on those areas.”

She additionally believes that it is very important be sure to are consuming the appropriate quantity of food with every meal. She suggests eating extra frequent meals throughout the day.

“Frequent meals will really provide your body with better digestion and will build your metabolism, which essentially promotes weight loss,” stated Fortkamp.

Lean proteins, food that has low carbohydrates and meals which might be excessive in fiber, akin to whole-grain pasta or brown wild rice, and bright-colored fruit and veggies will even be conducive to dropping weight, Fortkamp stated.

“These foods will ensure that you get all of the essential vitamins and minerals and keep your meal nice and balanced,” she stated.

Fiber is particularly necessary because it helps with feeling hungry after consuming.

“A lot of times people don’t get enough of their fruit and vegetables or whole grains,” she stated. “They don’t get the full feeling after a meal, and they tend to overeat.”

Staying hydrated can also be necessary as a result of it's going to additionally take away the misperceptions of hunger.

“Stay hydrated so that you do not mistake dehydration for hunger and end up overeating and indulging during those times,” she stated.

Fortkamp does not essentially condone happening particular weight loss plan plans, however she stated consuming dietary meals with a sensible routine will assist individuals lose weight.

“I’m not a big fan of dieting because a lot of diets fail, so I would prefer lifestyle modifications of a routine that you can stick to and be consistent with,” she stated. “Just adapting to one behavior like skipping pop will allow you to cut those extra calories and really make a difference.”


As a licensed health fitness coach, the Wapakoneta native Alexa Niemeyer promotes transformation stories and helps individuals change their financial, bodily and mental health.

“We not only focus on the physical health, but the mental health because it’s more of a mindset than anything else,” Niemeyer stated.

For those who want to lose weight, she recommend that they drink no less than 100 ounces of water day. She additionally suggests that they eat six meals a day, every three hours.

“I know its a little hard to do because of meal prepping, but that is why people usually come and join programs because it is just so simple and easy to do,” she stated.

She also recommend that folks exercise day by day via actions reminiscent of strolling or driving a motorcycle.

More importantly, she additionally suggests protecting a journal that documents the food intake all through the day.

“If you journal and have not lost weight, you can go back and see what you did and find a way to correct it,” she stated. “Also, I noticed that if I didn’t journal my food, I will mindlessly eat. Journaling was pivotal for me when losing my 110 pounds. I had emotionally ate in the past, and this method helped me make a huge mindset shift.”

Mercy Health-St. Rita’s Medical Center

As a registered dietitian, Becky Niekamp additionally believes that it is very important keep hydrated with loads of water through the summer time whereas making an attempt to lose weight.

For those who do not like consuming water, she suggests they add fruits and herbs to the water.

“Plain water can get boring, so people should add some new exciting flavors like watermelon, basil and mint,” Niekamp stated. “This is a way to add more flavor without adding calories and sugars.”

She stated it is very important implement nutritionally dense foods reminiscent of fruit and veggies.

“It’s a great time to get produce from farmer markets,” Niekamp stated. “With nutritional dense foods, you’re able to get your vitamins and minerals.”

She additionally recommend consuming proteins comparable to lean hen, fish and turkey and low-fat dairy merchandise, which she stated will help with starvation and fullness levels.

It can also be important to observe portion sizes all through the day and keep away from skipping meals, as it might lead to over-eating later in the day, which slows down the metabolism.

The quantity of meals one ought to eat every day is determined by each individual’s schedule.

“Eating three times a day may work for one person,” she stated. “Some may do better with smaller, frequent meals with maybe five small meals throughout the day.”

It can also be essential for many who try to lose weight to be sure that they are burning off the calories that they are taking in.

“That’s where the exercising piece comes into play and staying active,” she stated. “If you’re taking in too many calories and you’re not burning them off, your weight loss will be stalled, or you may actually gain weight.”

As far as weight loss drugs go, she stated that there are 5 which might be accepted by the Food and Drug Administration, and other people can expertise up a three to six % weight loss.

“Exercise with your meal planning and nutrition is just as important as when you are using these weight loss medications, as it is without them,” she stated.

Low-calorie frozen meals resembling Weight Waters Smart Ones, Lean Cuisines and Healthy Choice might be conducive to loosing weight, however she encourages individuals to verify the sodium content. If the meal has 600 mg of sodium and is paired with vegetables, it might help with the weight loss.

“It’s a lifestyle change,” she stated. “There are many different ways to lose weight, but it’s key to look at what works best for you to help you maintain or lose weight. It’s important to establish healthy eating habits overtime. A quick fix can certainly help you lose weight, but you want something that is realistic.”

Abe Frieson, Mercy Health- St. Rita’s fitness coordinator, works out on the seated cable row machine in the Weight Management Center at 830 W. High St., Lima.

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