You Are the Solution to Your Own Situation

“I want a hot body, but I also want tacos.” –Nacho Libre


Rationally, we all would like to be healthy. We’d love to be succesful, physical specimens filled with power and confidence in our longevity. In concept, it will be awesome to arrive at work each day having already labored out and to haven't any qualms about subsisting on solely entire foods. All of us want health, to a point, anyway. We can all have it, too. It all is determined by one question. How badly would you like it?



The Odyssey details the epic journey of Odysseus, King of Ithaca, who left residence in any case of Greece was referred to as to battle in what would grow to be the 10 Years Trojan War. Afterward, Odysseus is assumed lifeless. His son and spouse are left to fend off ill-intentioned suitors as he embarks on a 10-year adventure to return residence.


Odysseus faces many trials, none so nice as the music of the sirens. These creatures' voices have been unimaginable to resist. Literally, no man might hear the sirens' music and resist the temptation to sail in the direction of them, crashing into the rocky cliffs of their island - assume moths to the bug zapper.


Odysseus Is the Original Nacho Libre

He needs all of it. He’s decided to be the solely man to ever hear the sirens sing and stay to tell about it. He has his crew block their listening to with wax beneath agency orders to tie him to the ship’s mast and ignore every thing he says till they are securely away from the siren’s sound. Here is a person, who knew how to manage his state of affairs.


In Odysseus, we now have an example of how to create situations that promote our success. Often we would like to eat higher, or workout each morning, however we never change the state of affairs. Odysseus adopted three steps to efficiently craft a state of affairs that guaranteed his success:


  1. Self-reflection - He decided what it was he needed.
  2. Education - He found out all he needed to find out about the sirens from Circe.
  3. Planning - He crafted a plan that understood his capability for human emotional weak spot and mitigated the emotions by controlling the state of affairs.


In the famous stale popcorn studies, carried out all over America, we are given perception into people and our irrational eating behaviors. Experimenters provided free popcorn to moviegoers. Popcorn got here in two totally different measurement buckets - every contained excess of could possibly be eaten. There was an enormous measurement and a more big measurement. Each bucket of popcorn was weighed before being given so that the experimenters might determine exactly how a lot was eaten.


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Now, this popcorn was exceptionally stale. A couple of shoppers even demanded their a refund before remembering it was free. There was little style reward for senseless consumption of these kernels. Still, almost everybody ate. Crazier nonetheless, those with the largest measurement buckets, ate extra. How far more? “Approximately 53% more, or 21 dips into the container.” The bigger the bucket- the more obtainable - the extra we eat.


The knee-jerk response could be the condemnation of our society’s mass lack of ability to monitor their very own conduct and quell impulses, even for unpalatable meals. Do we really feel this compelled to stuff our faces? Is our conduct really this senseless and unintentional? Apparently, yes, and it's everyone. It is our pure tendency. Sure, we will practice extra willpower and mindfulness, however even those have restricted energy towards our human nature - towards the siren’s music. There is a larger moral at play.



As Chip and Dan Heath conclude, “What looks like a people problem is often a situation problem.”


Putting apart the reality that folks ate what tasted like packing peanuts simply because it was there, let's get to the breakthrough: individuals ate extra of an inexhaustible useful resource, just because it was introduced in a larger container. Consider the state of affairs and examine it to trendy society- the dessert buffet laid out at every employees meeting - the complete tray of desserts each couple feels compelled to convey to any gathering - supersized portions- liters of cola- Sam’s Club, Costco, and so on. Houston, we have now an issue.


You Are the Solution

Just comply with Odysseus’ three steps.


  1. How dangerous would you like it? The answer is so simple as committing to a respect of the premise of health. It magnifies every effort and presents more and better years.
  2. If you respect it, educate yourself, it is a lifelong course of that need not be accomplished right now. Just start the means of learning.
  3. The ultimate step, plan for the situations that induce failure and mitigate your emotions by controlling the state of affairs.


Here are some extra concrete examples:


  • Most nutrition issues stem from eating an excessively processed, sugar-infused Western diet. The bulk of most diets are comprised of foods created in labs that couldn’t exist 100 years ago. In brief, they aren’t real, entire foods obtainable in nature.
  • Are you a mindless eater? We all are to a point. Control your state of affairs. Go by way of your own home and get rid of any meals you’d choose not to eat typically.
  • Ice cream is ok as an occasional treat, but maybe it is best in case you have to go out for it.
  • Don’t concentrate on starvation. Replace chips with better snack meals like combined nuts.
  • If you might have an enormous situation with mindless eating, substitute the bowl of chips with a bowl of broccoli, baby carrots, and snap peas. No one gets fats from too many snap peas.


Learn to Prepare Food at Home

Learning to prepare food at house is a necessity for most. It's harder to control food decisions away from house. Again, this can be a course of you'll be able to take pleasure in for those who keep in mind that there isn't a deadline.


  • Consider smaller plates and bowls.
  • Buy a superb lunchbox that maintains the temperature properly.
  • Make positive you inventory your workplace with loads of good options for you.
  • Create a contingency plan for a day when bringing your lunch fails. Where can you get healthy food round your work? A grocery retailer salad bar? Chipotle?
  • At residence, discover straightforward, healthier meal options. Make lists of the healthy foods you want and play with mixtures or simply get a nice new Mediterranean or Nordic weight loss plan cookbook.
  • You can’t plan for the whole lot, but you’ll be amazed what a calendar verify, 15 minutes of planning before your grocery journey, and 30 minutes of food prep can do on your week.


Fitness Is Exactly the Same

How are you able to create a state of affairs that guarantees you do the work that your rational thoughts needs you to do? It need not be excessive.


  • Play the long recreation, however decide what you want.
  • It may be setting three alarms, the third alarm set by your workout attire.
  • Maybe it’s accountability with a trainer, or a category twice every week.
  • Maybe it is so simple as promising your self you'll go on a 30-minute stroll together with your dog every morning earlier than work.


You might go extreme, as properly. Sell the automotive, buy a motorcycle, and Uber when it rains. Odysseus tied himself to a mast, in any case. I can’t determine for you, as a result of I don’t know you greatest. You do. How badly do you want it?

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